Dan Dan Noodles

Thursday Apr, 10th - Wednesday, Apr. 16th
Ground pork, onions, carrots, scallions & egg noodles wok seared in a rich bean sauce. Garnished w/ sprouts & peanuts.

Honey Teriyaki Stirfry

Thursday Apr, 10th - Wednesday, Apr. 16th
Onions, red peppers, snow peas & broccoli, wok seared in a sweet teriyaki sauce & garnished w/ scallions.

Korean Black Bean

Thursday Apr, 10th - Friday, Apr. 11th
Limited Quantity! Red peppers, scallions, onions & udon noodles wok seared in a rich Korean black bean sauce. Garnished w/ cucumbers.

Green Curry Dragon Bowl

Monday Apr, 14th - Tuesday, Apr. 15th
Limited Quantity! Grilled chicken, grilled eggplant, pickled cucumbers & rice served with Thai green curry. Garnished w/ peanuts, asian pesto and lime.
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Allergen Information

Our menu includes items that contain one of the eight major allergens: dairy, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, & fish. While we do our best to inform guests of foods that contain a food allergen, we can’t guarantee that cross-contact with other allergens will not occur during preparation. Your health & safety are very important to us. Prior to ordering, please alert the manager of your food allergies.